Movie Snacks!!

So I love going to the movies (even though after having a baby it’s been pretty hard, like nonexistent). BUT when we did go to the theater we had some awesome tricks to bringing food in with us, because lets face it movie theater snacks are insanely over priced. Here are some tips:
1: Bring a woman with a large purse or a man with a coat that has internal pockets

2: Bottles to put the soda in (because obviously you went to a fast food restaurant for some real food)

3: The bag needs to be able to zip closed to contain the smell (even though most of the time they don’t even bother to stop you if it is obvious)

4: Go to the dollar store and buy the exact same candy that they sell at the movie theater, that way you only have to hide them when entering the movie theater and they can’t say “where did you get that?” Because you could just point to the concession stand!

Enjoy your movie!


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