My awesome easy recipe!

So for those that know me I’m a super lazy cook/person in general. I also don’t own a working oven… SO I’ll show you how I make my super easy lazy dinner!

So you will need:

ALL OF THIS! (And some sriracha seasoning I added later)

So heat up your pan, because you can’t really cook anything on a cold pan… that would just be mixing. 

Mix the roasted garlic alfredo sauce and some milk (idk how much just whatever feels right and is enough to cook the box of pasta)

That reminds me of the next step! Add the box of pasta!

Mix in some of the sriracha and Cajun seasoning (once again do whatever feels right)

While that’s cooking, in a smaller skillet cook the vegetables

While that’s cooking, unfreeze the cooked shrimp in hot water and take the tails off.

After everything is cooked mix it all in with the pasta and add the can of tomatoes!

Guess what? That’s it!!


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